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We are a family-owned company that provides cleaning services, whether it’s your home or office, be sure you will get the quality of service that you expect. Our crew is fully trained and equipped to provide all services within expectancy and time. We love our pets and care about yours, that’s one reason we use all biological cleaning products that won’t harm you or your special little friend. We are a full insured company established in Dover NJ and provide quality cleaning services all around northern New Jersey. 

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No, as long as you have a way to let us in when you are not at home there is no reason for you to be there. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable we welcome you to stay and watch what we do. All of our house cleaning employees are trustworthy and friendly , they do have a schedule though so make sure to give them enough space to get their work done. 

Customized house cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, 3 weeks rotations or monthly service. Each home is custom bid to meet the costumer needs with a guarantee on the quality of work performed. 

You can either pay with a check, Mastercard/Visa, or online. A check is used to be leaving it on your kitchen table for our cleaning crew to pick up. We also take mastercard and Visa, we will take your card number and then charge the amount after the service is finished 

Our employees are insured to protect against any loss or breakage that may occur while we clean your home.